Shilajit Resin 5g


Shilajit – also referred to as Destroyer of Weakness – is a natural substance found primarily in and imported from north central Asia in the Himalayan  and Altai mountain region.  Our Authentic Shilajit Is Sourced in the Altai Mountains in Siberia

It has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine because of its ability to balance energy, support memory, help stabilize mood and boost the immune system. Studies are now emerging with results that show shilijat is an effective natural fertility enhancer in men, and that it has the ability to boost testosterone too.

Platinum Botanicals Shilajit  Resin is Top-Grade for Maximum Potency and bought bulk so we can sell for very affordable prices!
Shilajit also serves as a complement to numerous other supplements, helping them to be better absorbed and more effectively used by our bodies.

The substance is a result of centuries-long process degradation helped along by microorganisms. The quality is determined by the type of rock it is extracted from and the elevation the rock is found at. 

How do I use Shilajit?
With Shilajit  resin, we recommend the traditional route. Dissolve the resin in a small cup of warm water or milk and drink it – preferrably on an empy stomach.

How Much Shilajit should I Take?
Common Doses of shilajit resin range from a piece the size of a grain of rice to a pea sized ball, most herbal practitioners would recommend starting small and increasing dose as needed.


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