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You May Have Noticed, We Don't Take Credit or Debit Cards Currently, But we Do Offer your Other Secure Methods of payment, Scroll Down for more info!
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Please review our payment options below and select the one that works best for you during checkout, then directions are in order confirmation page and emailed.(or if you cant find them after ordering just come back here and review and use links if you need)

Sorry We can not accept facebook or cash app payments at all, indefinitely, please talk to us if you need help finding the best option for you.

Please Pay by one of our offsite payment options(Place order 1st, then send payment)

Our Offsite Payment Options    Please text us at (480)213-3439 if you need help with payment  .    
You can also email us at 
We Now Have our GeenPay Echeck onsite option, and a pay after ordering offsite link.....Offsite e check is still available if needed or if you have any issue. for the Greenpay option you will  just need to enter your account and routing number at checkout!!  NEW CUSTOMERS WILL REQUIRE A 1-DAY HOLD ON E-CHECKS for orders over $30
Please make sure funds are available, or you will have to pay again. and pay $20 fee if it was returned for insufficient funds. 
in meantime we still have the offsite link form for e check if needed
if you've already place your order( and are trying to pay with  click the link on this page to goto a sevure payment form and make sure to message us somewhere to let us know of the change.
Our E-check Company has gotten much faster now and we generally receive your funds same or next business day, so bounced checks are less of a issue, has really stepped up, and is used by at least half our customers.
E check through the button link on this page Requires your bank account and routing number and general bank info, then you e sign to complete payment, you'll get to a green confirmation screen when your done. Follow button link below to make a payment if you've already placed a order and needed to change to e-check. Though if you haven't ordered yet, then just use the integrated e-check form during checkout( Much simpler)
Please do not try to use prepaid cards for greenpay, they wont process. its for bank accounts.

Emailed Pictures of a Check or Western Union money order:  (POPULAR)( Please don't make a check order and then don't message us all day, we'd love to start processing your order if you communicate 
Fill out front of check or Western Union money order to " Platinum Botanicals LLC."   then take clear close up 
pictures of both front and Back, making sure nothing is cutoff, Or you can Scan Both sides with a color scanner ….. 
 Then send to our email or can text the images to (480)213-3439
Money gram and USPS and other types of money orders will not work and can be mailed only(please contact us to let us know if mailing is only option) 
We know having to leave to buy a money order can be hard to fit into our busy schedules, so for regular return customers please contact us after you order and llet use know youll be sending order later that day, and we will still ship right out same day.   Mike Taft (480)213-3439    DO NOT SEND US A WESTERN UNION WIRE TRNSFER!