Agmantane Sulfate Powder 1oz.


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Agmatine Sulfate May help Reduce Tolerance To opioid like prescription drugs and medicinal Herbs Supports cognitive health Helps to reduce stress and promote a healthy mood May help with fitness performance and to support a healthy circulatory system , And is commonly used as a preworkout supplement Studies have suggested that this supplement has a wide range of potential benefits, including use in stress-reduction, promoting a healthy mood, support for cognition, learning, and memory, and for promoting a healthy brain and circulatory system. This compound is found in several food sources and is a natural product of biochemical pathways in the human body. Consequently, it is considered to be generally safe for use. The recommended serving size for this supplement is 600 – 1200 mg, taken once to twice daily. Do not exceed the suggested serving size. Side effects may include nausea and diarrhoea and are more prominent at higher serving sizes.
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