Raw Cacao Shell Tea 4oz


4oz Bag 112g
Pure Raw Cacao Shells
Natural energizer, and Mood booster, Nootropic
dose is 1g-4g made into tea
Free Reusable Cloth Tea Bag included

Cacao tea is made from the shell or husk of the cocoa bean (not the pod), a byproduct of making chocolate. The brew yields a full-bodied, slightly bitter infusion with strong notes of chocolate and light flavors of melon. Take part in this delightful 18th-century tradition with Martha Washington’s Cacao Shell Tea Infusion. Rich with antioxidants, cacao shells give an aroma of toast before brewing, and boiling water unleashes a tonic of chocolate. Suggested serving is 2 tsp per 10 oz. cup. Cacao shells take 8-10 minutes to infuse their full flavor.


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