Incarvillea Supreme White Blend 20X Extract Powder 4oz.


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Our New Incarvillea Supreme White 20X Extract Powder Blend
Incarvillea 20X(60%) Blended with ECGC Green Tea Extract (25%) and Olive Leaf Extract(15%)
A Great Mild Non addictive Kratom Substitute Blend designed to mimic effects of more intense, White types of kratom, as close as can be done naturally. White Kratom is known to be the best for energy, so our goal with this blend is a nice energy with with good mood boost and decent pain relief
Extracted then powdered for easy measurement
Comes in 1oz and 4oz sizes.
General Suggested Usage Amount: 1000mg-2000mg
May Be Good For: Relieving ,Mood Boosting, Energizing, Nerve Pain , Potentiator, Tolerance Breaks, Immune Boost, Detox
These Statements Have Not been Evaluated by the FDA. This product is not Intended to Treat , Cure, Mitigate, Or Diagnose any condition or disease
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